Jamin London Tinsel in front of her ceramic work

A new take on curation at the Erickson Gallery

Introducing the two new curators of the Erickson Gallery

Jamin London Tinsel is a studio artist and high school art educator living in Portland. She received an MFA  from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and was the 2018 recipient of the Oregon High School Art Educator of the year award. Jamin’s completed artist residencies at Red Lodge Clay Center, Oxbow Center for the Arts, Oregon College of Art and Craft, and TICA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She has exhibited her work at the Maryhill Museum, University of Southern Oregon, as well as other galleries in Portland, Philadelphia, and New York. In her work she loves to explore why and how objects create meaning. Her primary material is clay as it can capture the gesture of an instant and preserve it far beyond one human life. 

Websites: jaminlondontinsel.com

Instagram: @jaminlondontinsel



Roxanne & OPAM

Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Artists

Erickson Gallery

On view: November 9 – Dec 31, 2023


The opening exhibit, Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Artists, is a celebration of the art made by those who have called Old Town Chinatown home. It features a diverse range of artists and their work, all inspired by the rich history and culture of our neighborhood. It shines a light on the vibrant art scene in Old Town Chinatown and amplifies the story of those making a difference in our community.


Roxanne is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates art that is mood-lifting and explores themes of connection, empathy, and understanding. She uses technology, fine art, and functional design techniques to create her projects. Roxanne’s creative process involves spending time in her community, listening to problems and stories, and working collaboratively with others to create something greater than what could be achieved alone.


She is the project lead behind The Open-air People’s Art Museum (OPAM), a collective of passionate people and various organizations within Old Town Chinatown dedicated to fostering community connections through art.


Websites: roxannecreativeinc.com

Instagram: @poproxing    


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