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We are The Open-Air People's Art Museum (OPAM), a co-op project that aims to transform the neighborhood of Old Town Chinatown into a vibrant and artistic community. We use a digital platform to connect local artists, businesses, and residents, and to showcase their creative works in public spaces. Our mission is to make creativity accessible.


We want to turn our neighborhood into a creative canvas.

Our collective helps emerging artists and promotes creative expression as a means of building community, fostering social justice, and promoting economic growth in our city. We partner with local businesses and organizations to create events and initiatives that bring people together and support the local economy.



 We co-market businesses, creatives, and events in Portland, OR.

We're currently producing a web series that showcases artists and local small businesses. Our expected release date is a February 2024. 



We turn events, permanent art installations, interactive window displays into a third space for residents and tourists to enjoy the creative culture of Portland.

Our expertise lies in connecting businesses with skilled creatives across various disciplines. We help drive traffic to the neighborhood by producing popup shows, window displays, murals, and workshops.


About the Museum Experience



We help find sponsors to bring new creative experiences to life.

We're excited to be part of a horizontal market that empowers freelancers to participate fully in the creative economy. So, whether you're a freelancer looking for new opportunities, a business seeking top talent, or a community member looking for engaging art experiences, The Open-Air People's Art Museum is here to help.


Those helping us build OPAM:

Roxanne she/her - Product Designer & Multi-disciplinary creative - Co-curator for the Erickson Gallery

Kimberly Marie Kimble she/they- Documentary Photographer

Linda Denise she/her- Multi-disciplinary creative

Victoria Rind she/her - Multi-sensory artist & events coordinator

Corrine Matlak she/her - Legit Locations

Erickson Gallery - Jamin London Tinsel Curator






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    The best way to turn our neighborhood into a creative canvas is through a free open-air art museum.

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    Whether you have an idea for a show or you're searching for information as an artist, volunteer, or supporter, our team is available to provide you with the assistance you need. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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    We're putting on and assisting with popup shows. Learn more about our upcoming events.

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