OTC Neighborhood Artists

OTC Neighborhood Artists

Last month, we had the pleasure of relaunching the Erickson Gallery with a popup event that showcased the incredible talent and creativity of local neighborhood artists. The gallery was filled with stunning artwork, each piece telling a unique story and capturing the imagination of all who attended.

What was the OTC Neighborhood Artist Show?

A celebration of the art that gets made by those who have called Old Town Chinatown home. Our popup art show featured a diverse range of artists and their work, all inspired by the rich history and culture of our neighborhood. Come explore the vibrant art scene in Old Town Chinatown and support local artists who are making a difference in our community. Thank you to all those  that came out

Curated by Roxanne Castaño

Multi-disciplinary artist & show curator

Portfolio Website


Opening Statement

By Roxanne

I am thrilled to present the works of our neighborhood artists. I have had the pleasure of meeting these artists through artist-led events that I organized in the neighborhood. Being surrounded by creative individuals from different walks of life has heightened my appreciation for how we express ourselves.

Each piece of art is a series of decisions, and you get a little glimpse of who the artist is and what they wanted to say in a given moment. It’s a privilege to share that moment with them. I hope you see a glimpse of the shared moments of these artists sharing a neighborhood.

I believe that art is a powerful medium that can bring people together and inspire them. During this exhibition showing artist were invited to come live paint and create in the space. I worked on painting pieces for residents of the Erickson Building.



Flower Noise aka Sunny

Artist Statement

Heya! I am an artist of many mediums including (but not limited to) watercolor, ink, and collage. I use art to process the world around me.

From Top Left clockwise

#1(11" x 14"): Writhing

#2(14" x 11"): This is not Resolution

#3(11" x 14"): My Voice Was Silent

#4(14" x 11"): Am I Flying or Falling

#5(11" x 14"): The Burning Was Already There


Social media accounts

Instagram - @sunkissedflowerprince




Title of Artwork

Electric Reflection

Medium Used

Photons, electrons, metals, polymers, fabric, soundwaves, and human motion.

Social media accounts

Instagram - @akashacoin


Title of Artwork

Keep Portland Feared


instagram - @poproxing




Artist and Activist

Social media accounts
instagram - @mtaventurine




Title of Artwork


Medium Used

Oil on Tile




Title of Artwork

Narcan saves lives, in partnership with local harm reduction centers

Medium Used

Art cards, Ink

Visitors can take a bottle of narcan and with it comes a small piece of hand drawn art. Helping carry this life saving drug is an easy way to help care for your community.


A Community Coming Together

The OTC Neighborhood Artist Show was not just about the art; it was about the community coming together to celebrate creativity. People from all walks of life, young and old, gathered in the gallery, united by their love for art. It was a space where conversations flowed freely, ideas were exchanged, and new friendships were formed.

Ori Jay

Title of Artwork

Tools of the Trade

 Tools of the Trade is a reflection piece created as part of the art therapy graduate program at Lewis & Clark College. It was created with found materials, acrylic paint, magazine pages, and my own photographs. As I have undergone my gender transition over the past four years, I have photographed myself experimenting with fashion and gender presentation; I am now incorporating those photos into mixed media work, including this piece.

As an artist, storyteller, and activist, much of my work consists of excavation – mining my life story and others’ in order to uncover and heal collective trauma. This not only allows us to understand the source of our pain, but to access the wisdom of our ancestors. Healing work should not focus solely on examining our pain. We must find sources of magic and joy in our lives, as well. As an art therapy student, this is what I aspire to achieve in my future practice, and it’s also a philosophy I want to honor in my own life, as well.


Medium Used

Mixed Media, Canvas 20x16 in

Social media accounts

instagram - @mxorijay



Medium Used

Creates walking sticks from found branches from the Columbia and Willamette.




Social media accounts

instagram - @rainsoakedcigarettes


Opening Ceremony

Painted live at first gallery, at PSU

Medium Used

Acrylic, Wax


Medium Used

Acrylic Ink




Untitled - watercolor or paper, photography, and poetry                                        

8.5" x 11"                                           





Dancing Cranes

Mixed Media on Canvas

24” x 30”





Live Painting


Roxanne - Acrylic on Canvas


Photos by Kimberly Marie Kimble

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