1st Street Mural

1st Street Mural


  • 31 NW 1st Street



  • OPAM - The Open-air People's Art Museum
  • Barrel Room

Shout outs:

  • Natalia and Brian, from the OTCA for helping connect us to the Barrel Room crew

 Curatorial Statement

The mural located on 1st street in Old Town Chinatown was created with the intention of actively participating in the recovery efforts of the neighborhood. A group of residents collaborated with the Old Town Chinatown Association (OTCA) to identify a business that was in need of a unique artisan experience. Upon learning of a new music venue and restaurant opening on 1st street, the decision was made to create a mural for the space.

The artist behind this mural incorporated symbolism from their own life into the design. Drawing inspiration from a friend's suggestion to paint the bridges of the Willamette, the artist weaved in elements that held personal significance. Each choice in the mural is carefully crafted and meaningful, reflecting the artist's intention to create a work of art that speaks to both the space and the larger community.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this mural serves as a testament to the power of art to inspire connection and healing. It represents a collaborative effort between members of the community and the artist, who together created something that celebrates the rich history and culture of Old Town Chinatown. By incorporating personal symbolism into the design, the artist invites viewers to delve deeper into the work and explore its many layers of meaning.

In conclusion, this mural represents not only the resilience and recovery efforts of Old Town Chinatown, but also the transformative potential of art to create community and inspire change. The creative's statement below provides further insight into the creative process and inspiration behind this work of art.


Creative Statements

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