Everett Station Lofts

Everett Station Lofts


Everett Station Lofts, located in Portland’s Old Town District, is a thriving community of artists and their families. The 1925 structure was redeveloped into artist lofts and purchased in 1998 by Minneapolis-based non-profit developer, Artspace Projects. The building has 47 units of affordable and market-rate artist live/work spaces, making it an ideal location for artists to live and work.

It has since be resold and are no longer artist apartments. To make up for the reducing resources the artist banded together to find creative ways to tackle the problems they face in the neighborhood.

The MAX Light Rail is conveniently located on 6th Ave giving easy access to mass transit.

Galleries Include:

 Paint the Town

Dorsa Brevia - @dorsabrevia

Poprox - @poroxing

Yellow Line Spoons - @yellowlinespoons

Will Call Art Gallery


625 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209
Name Everett Station Lofts

@everettstationlofts (instagram)



Window Display: 1st Thursday


Neighborhood Artist Collaborations



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