We are creating a free way to watch and interact with the museum. Take the experience home by interacting with the neighborhood, art exhibits, and creatives on a variety of platforms.

Virtual Experience

Our interactive informational platform is the perfect way to dive deeper into the art and culture of Portland. With our QR code scanning, wayfinding, and AR features, you can unlock the secrets of the city and gain a deeper appreciation of its hidden gems. Come explore Portland with us!


Live Stream

Get an inside look at all the amazing things happening in the city with our interactive live stream. See what's new in Portland, explore the museum, and meet the creatives that make the city so unique. Plus, put yourself in control of the content you want to see. Get the inside scoop on Portland today!


Web Series

Our series features professional artists and their work, so you can learn from the best. Whether you are looking to pick up a new skill or want to follow along as we build a museum.



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